Composite 100% water-resistant and hygienic LUJAOVI doors

LUJAOVI doors were developed as technical doors for commercial, educational, medical institutions, offices and other areas with extra requirements for operational parameters and cost-effectiveness. Composite 100% water-resistant high-tech LUJAOVI doors are manufactured using the state-of-the-art materials.

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LUJAOVI Classic - technical information


- is the basic model combining a high quality and affordable price.


- As a filler of LUJAOVI classic doors structure, heat insulation material is used - polystyrene foam of 0.35 kg per 1m3 density.


- Together with water-resistant and heat insulation properties, the closed cell structure of the polystyrene foam ensures also good sound insulation performance.


- For door leaf facing, 1,5 mm thick heat-resistant compact PVC sheet is used. Inside, the door leaf has a bearing frame made of LVL bar. The door leaf is sealed along the perimeter with PVC edge stripping.


- LUJAOVI classic doors are simple and easy to install. The door leaf is 900x200 mm size and weighs 14,5 kg, while the ready item with the doorframe and a set of trims - 21,5 kg. For installing the doors, the same tools and hardware are applied as for installing doors made of traditional wood materials.


- It is during opening and closing that any door experiences the main load. This is why the longevity of the material of which the door structure is made is a very important parameter. Owing to a high wear resistance of all structural elements and a small weight (the load on hinges is minor so the door leaf does not "sag"), even under intensive operation, LUJAOVI classic composite doors will serve several times longer than doors made with traditional materials.


- LUJAOVI Classic doors are designed for use in rooms that are frequently wet cleaned using household and disinfection chemicals: in hospitals and outpatient departments, health resorts, assisted living homes, other public and special buildings. We recommend installing these doors in shops and cafes - where esthetics should join usability and affordable price.

No sunlight
LUJAOVI - CE marked
CE mark

We always manufacture the doors as custom-made and according to customer's wishes (color, size, accessories).

LUJAOVI Classic technical details

Classic structure EN Classic parameters EN Door details EN

LUJAOVI Classic dimensions

Dimensions EN Non-standart doors

LUJAOVI Classic doors come in different colors.

Doors can be laminated with PVC or 3D films of different colors and wood finishes.Laminating with high-quality decorative film allows enhancing such critical consumer properties as:

  • - Moisture resistance
  • - Resistance to mechanic actions
  • - Longevity
  • - No color variations

LUJAOVI Classic doors panels can be: White and mono color - both plain and panel ones. Only plain doors can be decorated and laminated with PVC film.


Door leafs can be glazed with various decorative coating glass, reinforced glass can also be installed. The glazing area can vary depending on the customer's wishes but it cannot exceed 30% of the leaf area.


Doors supply package

The set of doors is supplied in factory packaging. LUJAOVI classic door leaves are covered in protective film with a milled socket for the lock mechanism.

For easier installation, the door leaf is supplied assembled with the doorframe sawn to 45°. On the packaging of the door set, there is information about the type (DG - blank door, DO - glazed door), size, model name, and color of items included.

  • Lujaovi molding

    Door frame included

    For easier installation, the door leaf is supplied assembled with the door.

  • Lock mechanism
    Lock mechanism included

    There is a socket milled in the door leaf for the recommended magnetic or Scandinavian type lock mechanism.

  • Hinges
    Hinges included

    Opening side universal option is achieved by using the multi-purpose hinges requiring no cutting.

Profiles and moldings

All profile ans molding items can be mass colored or PVC film laminated.



The installation process of our doors is easy following our Installation Guides we provide with each order. However we recommend to use our experienced specialists for installations.

Worldwide delivery

We can arrange shipping via our own forwarder for international shippings or you can collect your order from our warehouse in Tallinn, Estonia.


All our products come with 2 years guarantee under normal usage.


All parts of doors can be recycled. We can help with the recycling of our product.

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